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Welcome to another riveting installment of a world full of weird creatures and unsolved mysteries. Since 2020 the universe has been flabbergasting us with so many unknown facts. Mysteries are like brain food for our mind. Our mind endears action, plot twists, villainous characters, and we love diving into this whole different world of whims and fantasies. The year 2020 drove the whole wide world online.

For people in this world, a day in their life might appear something like this: Wake up and check your phones, open up your laptop and attend online classes, order groceries and food through amazon, grofers or big basket, binge on amazon prime or Netflix and connect with your friends on Zoom video call. Lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic has turned us into hungry monsters, hungry for bold adventure, hungry for escaping our walls, and hungry for experiencing new things.

There exists this whole parallel universe in our wild imaginations where we can save the world and its humanity from the imperceptible antagonist. Let me introduce you to the virtual era of escape room games which are played over zoom calls. There too, the clock’s ticking, and with every passing minute, your invisible nemesis is one step ahead of you. No longer being glued by the physical restrictions of the concrete world, a virtual escape game can take contestants through various universes and experiences through the ability of animations and virtual reality.

From solving mysteries, puzzles, and answering trivia questions to tracking down the world’s most legendary creatures, virtual escape games offer us all of it. It’s like a virtual fantasyland at our fingertips. The story-themed mysteries and adventure take place on zoom videos calls and can take in many contestants. Satisfactory for multiple players, virtual escape games allow contestants to see a somatic environment through Zoom video call. Being confined to the walls of our homes can take a toll on anyone’s mental health; nevertheless, participating in a virtual escape game can boost our endorphins and serotonin.

From bank heists to homicide and from horror mystery to bomb diffusion, there’s no shortage of exhilarating virtual escape rooms you can play without ever leaving your couch. Even if you’re not into escape rooms that have an eerie or chilling theme, you’ll find an exciting puzzle game that’s just made for you. In addition to that, many of these virtual escape games can be played both alone and with others, so you can connect with your pals on a zoom call and solve mysteries. These games rely majorly upon the concept of virtual team-building challenges.

Take the role of an exclusive investigator, be a virtual detective in the online world, prepare for some mystical and magical moments and be your own Harry Potter in the world of Muggles, grab a pen, make a map and plan the perfect heist, this virtual era of escape room games will offer you everything. In a nutshell, If you wish to be the main character of your life, then for you, Virtual escape games are just a blessing in disguise.

So, are you convinced? Book Breakout Escape Room now, where you can give a surprise birthday party or even a Virtual birthday party.

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